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Exploring the art of gay dating in NYC

Exploring the art of gay dating in NYC


New York City is one of the best cities in the United States for the LGBTQ community (same-sex relationship legalized in 2011). When you’re gay and looking for love, there are plenty of  dating opportunities and ideas. By knowing all the hottest apps and sites gay men may use, what neighborhoods to hang out in, and all of the best clubs, bars and other spots, you’re sure to find what you want and arrange a perfect date. Whether you’re interested in finding your true love or just a one night stand, it’ll happen in NYC.

NYC Dating: Apps & sites

Two gays falling in love in a dating app

There’s quite a bit of online services that you could try to find the best romance in New York if you are a gay man. Whether you need a digital matchmaker or help to find a millionaire, Jewish, bisexual,interracial or Christian gay partner, there’s something for everyone to date. makes it easy to hone in on gay dating throughout New York. Particularly when you want the best free experience, this site will help you by showing you personals by other gays in the area. is a free gay dating and hookup site that will provide you with digital matchmaking in New York. Be prepared to view plenty of sexy photos on this service as men are very honest about what their desires are and expect an exciting first date. is also a NYC gay website that you wanna use to find out about the latest events, dating venues and ideas all throughout the city. It could be the biggest gay date that you go on. Whether you’re new to the area or new to being single, there are plenty of events  you may partake in regardless of age.

There are a few apps you might want to download to help you with online dating and hookups in New York City and around the state, too:

However, if you're tired from dick pics and want a special sort of thing you should try KeYou. With both dating app and online media they give you ideas and advice on where to go and who to date. Visit to get more details. 

Gay Dating and Hookups Services

If you’re not a fan of dating apps or sites and you want a bit more advice when it comes to gay dating in New York, there are plenty of options.

What about Matchmaking?

Matchmaker searching for the best gay partner

Matchmaking might be one of the best ways to cut through all the fakeness found in apps and date your best match. You work with a matchmaking service to be blatantly honest about what you do you wanna get. You are free to identify that you’re interested in marriage, talk about the type of person you want to date, and more. The matchmaker will work hard  to pair you with someone based on the other profiles they have. They are also able to find a dating coach to give professional or even legal advice in case you need it. 

Some of the best matchmaking agencies in NYC  the LGBTQ crowd should consider, include:

However, matchmaking is a somewhat premium option and is definitely not for all. Some people find it outdated, others-too costly (you can easily waste 10k in several dates arranged. Moreover, user base could be so limited so that it would be way more easier to find your match in one of a dozen New York gay bars nearby. 

Speed Dating in Brief

Two gays having a drink on a speed date

You may also want to try out speed dating in New York. There are all sorts of speed dating events all throughout Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Westchester and Manhattan. You will date a dozen or more men in the span of an hour, spending about five minutes in front of each one. Many events in New York have themed nights, and you will have to sign up in advance to reserve a chair. Eventbrite is a great source of info about all of the latest speed dating events. You may also  look into to learn of their event schedule in New York. Thus, if you wanna give speed dating a try read our article first. Learn what speed dating is, explore the best speed dating places in NYC and get inspired with some ideas for the first date. By these means these ten minutes could be a starting point of your love story. 

Gay Dating in NYC: Top Neighborhoods

Gay street sign in New York

One of the best ways to enjoy gay dating is by being you. Try out old-fashioned blind dating or just spend time doing the things that you want to do. It will allow you to develop hobbies to help you meet someone. Then, the two of you appear to have a shared hobby.

It also takes knowing where to find and date  “your kind of gay” in NYC. Your next date may be hiding out in a specific neighborhood.

When you’re looking to spend time in some of the top gay neighborhoods of New York City, consider the following:

Gay Hookups: Best Club & Locations in NYC

New York City is one of the hottest cities in the world. It’s also one of the most LGBT friendly communities you’ll come across. Knowing where to go to get the kind of fun you want to have is critical. The good news is that there are plenty of places and sides to visit and ideas to try all across the city.

NYC Inferno Party

On the third Saturday of every month, there’s a “secret” location in Park Slope where you go for the ultimate hook-up party and dating experience. You have to join the Facebook group of the same name to get all of the details. It’s a safe place with a “be chill” policy so you are welcome to have some wild fun.

Nowhere Bar

Located in the East Village, Nowhere Bar is one of the best places to find a guy in a laidback atmosphere. Enjoy drinks and meet people as they sit down next to you. If you want to have an evening with more debauchery, show up later when the dark room in the back opens.

The Eagle

Found in Chelsea, The Eagle is a fetish and kink bar where you can drink, play pool, and have fun. In the summer, the roof deck is open to enjoy a beautiful view of the city. Follow them on social media to learn about some of their theme nights, allowing you to show up for a leather soiree, a foot kink, or something else entirely.

The Center

The Center is an LGBT community center located at 208 W 13th Street in New York. The benefit to the center is that you’ll be able to find all sorts of resources and events. Particularly when you want professional and romantic dates to happen naturally, you could explore their calendar to see how to get involved.

Tips to Find Love (and Hookups) in New York

Two gays in love kissing in New York

It’s always best to be honest about what you’re looking for in NYC. Do you want love or simply to act out on lust? Online matchmakers can help you find what you need. Alternatively, just hit the best venues across the city to find it on your own.

Decide on the kind of gay is yours:

There’s always someone for everyone. Both marriage material and hookup material are available everywhere you go in New York City. Once you know what you want and who you want to date, it’s easier to know what venues and clubs to visit to get it.

Don’t be afraid to use the technology that’s out there. If you find gay dating in NYC to be a challenge, download some of the top gay dating apps. It might take you a few apps to find one that you like, but once you find a guy you to do life with, it will all be worth it.