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Gay backpackers - best trips and tips

Gay backpackers - best trips and tips


Gay backpackers - best trips and tips

There are some incredible gay backpacker destinations around the world. From Europe to Australia or Israel, you can have countless adventures. When you’re solo backpacking, it’s important to know where to go, how to have fun, and even where to go to meet other gays. We have all of the tips you need to have an unforgettable experience when you’re a lone backpacker.

Backpack Europe on Your Own

Gay on a backpacking tour in Europe taking a picture of a monument

Europe is one of the most popular places to go as a backpacker, and being a solo gay traveler is no exception. Throughout most of Europe, they are very accepting of the LGBTQ community, so you are free to choose a destination without fear of how they’ll react if they find out about your sexual orientation.

 One of the benefits of backpack travel across Europe is Eurorail. It makes it cheap and easy to go from country to country as a backpacker to embrace the different cultures with ease.

 The biggest decision you have to make is where you’re going to go. Germany, Spain, Italy, France, and other locales have so much to offer for backpackers traveling alone. There are a few European destinations to include on your list as they offer the most excitement for gay travelers.

 Some of the other cities to explore when you’re in Europe include Mykonos, Greece, Paris, France, and Amsterdam, Holland. Here you are recommended to plan your backpack tour in more detail.

Backpack Across Great Britain

Great Britain is home to numerous hostels, many of which are gay-friendly. This makes it easy to hop from city to city without having to worry about the cost of accommodations. 

You should definitely visit London, home to a number of gay-friendly neighborhoods including Soho, Vauxhall, and Hackney. Enjoy typical tourist sightseeing or take day trips out to such places as Stonehenge alone.

There are a few other gay-friendly cities in England to add to your backpacker list:

You may also want to visit Edinburgh, home to the Royal Mile as well as plenty of Scottish nightclubs  offering LGBTQ-friendly events. If you’ve ever fancied trying on a kilt, this is the place you should do it. For the city of eccentrics, Edinburgh is also a place to travel alone and not to be disturbed.

Of course, you might also want to take advantage of the trains throughout the UK. This way, you’ll be able to manage your backpack tour from England to Scotland and Wales with ease, stopping at any of the stations to explore what the cities have to offer.

Backpack Asia as a Solo Traveler

Pride in Asia, a good place for a backpacking tour for a solo gay

Throughout Asia, there are many gay-friendly establishments. This means you have to decide where exactly you want to go.

If you’re going to backpack across Asia (especially alone), there are a few things to know. Homosexuality is punishable by death in Brunei, and Vietnam as a whole is not kind of the LGBTQ community. Indonesia is not very accepting, yet the island of Bali is quite accepting. If you’re going to travel to certain parts of Asia as a gay backpacker, enjoy the sights without making your sexual orientation known to avoid possible issues.

Backpack Mexico by Yourself

Mexico is rich in culture, filled with mountains, and offers some incredible food. When you want to backpack here, there are plenty of tours to show you what you want to see, ranging from the adrenaline-racing adventures to the Incan marvels. Traveling alone or in a group is equally exciting in Mexico.

Puerto Vallarta is most certainly the gayest destination in Mexico, earning it the nickname of “San Francisco of Mexico.”  The city itself is very walkable for backpackers.

There are quite a few inclusive resorts in Mexico. Although they’re not strictly gay, they are gay-friendly. To make it easier enjoy yourself in such cities as Cancun, Acapulco, and even Mexico City.

Backpack Australia as a Solo Gay

Harbour Bridge in Sydney, Australia, a good place for a backpacking tour for a solo gay
Countless adventures is something to expect as a solo backpacker in Australia. Much of the country is LGBTQ-friendly, so you could travel virtually anywhere alone without a care in the world. You may want to start in Melbourne where there are plenty of beaches. Then, you could walk the Sydney Harbor Bridge. Wineries are found throughout Perth. The Gold Coast offers snorkeling and scuba diving around the reefs. Whatever you want to do, Australia has a country for you to do it. Plus, there are countless gay accommodations to take advantage of when you are traveling alone.

Backpack Around Israel

Certain parts of the Middle East may be difficult to backpack through when you’re gay because of the religious differences, especially if you are traveling alone. This is not said to scare you away from backpacking here, but it is a safety concern as you don’t want to be openly gay in various cities.

Landscapes of Tel Aviv, Israel, a good place for a backpacking tour for a solo gay

The good news is that Tel Aviv is very open to gay travelers. There is a vibrant nightlife offering a lot of art and culture. Similar to other European cities, Tel Aviv implemented a backpacker - friendly bike sharing program.

When you want to backpack through the rest of Israel alone, it could be advantageous to do it as a group with someone leading the tour who is familiar with the culture. This way, you will visit Jerusalem and other places while knowing how you should behave in every aspect.

Explore Various Backpacking Trips

Gay on an advanturous organized backpacking trip standing on the top of a hill looking at sunset
If you want to hit more than one country, it can be advantageous to go on an organized backpacking trip. This allows you to be a solo traveler in the idea  you don’t know anyone. However, being among other solo travelers in order to feel safer in a group is another option.

 By going on different trips, you may focus more on a particular adventure, too. This could be anything from experiencing the many wineries of a region to going white water rafting. Once you decide what you want to do on your backpacking adventure, you are free to find an adventure group to organize a trip for you and a group of other gay solo backpackers.

Tips for Backpacking Around the World Alone

When you’re a solo gay, safety is critical. You don’t want to find yourself in a compromising situation because of being alone. Keep a phone on you at all times, map out your destinations, and do a bit of research. Unfortunately, not all parts of the world are gay-friendly, either, so it’s best to know what you’re getting into before you arrive (especially, alone).

Where You Should Stay

Hostel for gay people, a good place to stay on a backpaking tour

There are countless options when you want the ultimate adventure. As for accommodations, it’s going to depend on your budget and how many people you want to meet along the way. We have a few different options for you to consider for a backpack tour.

To avoid problems along the way, book your accommodations before you arrive in the city. This way, you know where you’ll be sleeping every night.

How You Should Pack

Rainbow briefcase with all the necessary things a gay man should take with on a backpacking tour

You’re going to have to pack for your trip alone, and you don’t have endless amounts of luggage to get the job done. This means  you have to make sure you focus on the essentials while ensuring the diversity for all of the adventures you might have.

Obviously, you need to make sure  your pack is based on where you’re traveling and when. Places like Cambodia and Thailand are hot almost all the time, so you’ll want to wear shorts. However, you may also be visiting places like Australia where it can get cold at night, so a jacket should always be packed as well. If you’ve got an open-ended ticket, you might end up following other gay backpackers to a fun destination, so diversity in your backpack will make it easier to adapt to any situation.

How to Meet Other Gay Backpackers

Not ready to travel alone? It’s a lot easier to meet other gay backpackers than you might think. You’re off on this adventure to find yourself and focus on you but you’re going to get lonely. When you travel alone, it’s easier to meet people because you’re more likely to search for those connections in the different cities. 

Spontaneity is a beautiful thing. Once you get into a city, you may decide to head out to a gay bar or club you heard about. You may decide to join a gay tour of the city or do a sightseeing alone. Either way, you’re going to meet people as you’re out and about.

If spontaneity isn’t your thing and you’d like to ensure  you’re going to meet some other gays on your adventures, there are a few ways to accomplish this. 

First, take advantage of MisterB&B. It’s the gay version of Air BNB and will ensure you have either a gay host or a gay-friendly host. They’ll tell you where you can meet other gay backpackers and not to feel alone.

Second, stay in a gay hostel. They’re located globally, so you’re not going to struggle to find one. There will be plenty of other solo travelers, so you will be able to meet all of the people you want during your backpack travel.

Finally, join Facebook groups to make it easier for you to find backpackers who are traveling to the same places at the same time as you. Tell them where you’re going to be and make plans to meet up.

Find a Gay Backpackers Meetup

Meetup of gay people backpacking together

You have to remember that just because you’re all gay doesn’t mean you’re instantly going to get along with every gay backpacker you encounter. You have to narrow it down to what you’re looking for. Do you want to find gays who prefer to hit the clubs with you? Who are going to go on adrenaline-racing adventures with you? Who are interested in dating or some one-night hookups? For the latter option KeYou is your must. Once you figure out why you want a gay backpackers meetup, you are free to actually find what you’re looking for.

Try using as a way to find the gay groups in the areas where you’ll be traveling. There are plenty of locals  hosting the groups to find those who are coming in as tourists. It can give you a chance to meet other backpack tourists while also getting some local knowledge of the area at the same time.

Additionally, follow some gay backpacker blogs. They’ll tell you about some of the different ways to meet up with people based on where it is that you’re going. There are certain clubs and places for gays you can visit in every city to make it much easier to hook up with like-minded individuals.