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Gay dating for older guys

Gay dating for older guys


When we are young guys, it feels like society has etched our whole future in stone. Attending college, landing a job, and marrying our soulmate should be checked off a bucket list before reaching certain ages, or we're considered to be falling behind and not mature. However, special milestones like settling down and finding companionship are unique for everyone.

No matter how old you are, especially if you're in your fifties or sixties or even over, there's a healthy and happy long term relationships and hookups waiting for you. As you start getting back in the dating game, free online and traditional tools can help you find a compatible guy (young or mature) for a one-night-stand or deeply committed connection. Being senior does not mean not having no options to date.

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Age is nothing but a number when it comes to love. It's not how old you are that matters, but how you handle yourself as a proud gay man. Because the dating landscape has evolved drastically with apps and online dating, pursuing a romance with other guys is more adventurous and fun as well as serious and stable. Both seniors and youngsters have a right to love. 

Things Seniors Should Consider With Online Dating

Navigating a relationship at first can be challenging after sitting on the sidelines for a lengthy break even if you are mature. Before Cupid helps you find Mr. Right, there are some tips to help you get a head start with yours only guy search:

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Top Pros and Cons of Age Gaps Gay Men Should Consider

Sometimes two guys sync perfectly no matter what their age difference is. However, if your potential dreamboat is focused on their career, and you're almost retired, intergenerational pros and cons of pursuing a younger guy by the senior can present obstacles:

Senior gay man thinking about pros and cons of age gaps

Best Online Dating Sites & Apps for Gay Seniors

To expand your love horizons and room for experience as a gay senior, there are plenty of free gay dating sites to browse and apps to download that can help you find the best matches and hook up muscle guys, both young and old. You can find hundreds of guys locally and thousands more abroad based on physical attraction and personal preferences. They can be mature or just start exploring gay life. Go over the sites and apps below to make your choice:

Silver Singles

Silver Singles is the go-to service for mature gay men and women over 50 or older. With easy signing up, daily profile verifiers, and an insightful personality test, you won't have to play games to find the right love interest. A basic free trial is available temporarily until you upgrade to premium. Seniors are welcome. is the crème de la crème of dating websites for both heterosexual and gay singles, young and old. With that, mature seniors have plenty of options to find a younger athlete partner. Registration offers a comprehensive profile of all members' sexuality, dating intentions, and age-range. The site is free to view profiles and photos but requires a paid subscription for more inclusive features.


Enjoy free unlimited chat and calling, instant messaging, and reaching out to guys in your area with PlanetRomeo's website and its subsequent app Romeo. Since 1996, they've offered one of the best communities of gay men who want to make friends and make love. The app is available on GooglePlay and App Store for free with in-app features available to purchase.


As a pioneer for online gay dating services, Adam4Adam offers options to browse unlimited profiles, chat with fellow gay men, and plan dates. After filling out their simple profile, use the search engine to connect with other members via their profiles, pics, and videos. The site is free with premium features, and the app is free on GooglePlay and App Store with features available to purchase.


OkCupid welcomes millions of users across the sexuality spectrum from heterosexual to bisexual bi-curious, transsexual, and gay men and women. On their website and app, registration includes providing your preferred pronouns and sexual preferences as well as additional background information. You will feel safe and excited while looking for a worthwhile date or relationship with a mature bear guy. OkCupid is available on GooglePlay and App Store at login for free with in-app features available to purchase.

Joining an online LGBTQ+ community

To remain acquainted with fellow gay men, both young and senior, social media and websites are an easy and fun way to relate with others about familiar experiences and hobbies. Here are some sources:

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Traditional Dating

Even though dating has gone the digital route today, traditional dating remains a viable option. When you're single and ready to mingle, browsing through photos top to bottom, dealing with crashing apps or harassing, the behavior might not be the best source for dating. Though it might not be dominant as it used to be, traditional dating continues to provide underrated benefits that aren't available online:

Senior gay man and his younger gay partner on a traditional date