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Gays social websites and apps: media, dating and social networks

Gays social websites and apps: media, dating and social networks


When traditional society revolted against the LGBTQ+ community, gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender individuals carved space for themselves to live with pride. Now, with the increasing accessibility with technology and apps in the 21st century, the LGBT community continues to cultivate sites and social networks that cater to their interests and lifestyles.

Gay people willing to create a platform for the LGBTQ community that connects news, communication, and events

With a vast number of alternative outlets for LGBTQ+ people to engage with, it's easy to find individual apps or social networks based on what you're looking for. As dedicated as the LGBT community is to provide the most inclusive social networking available, there is a high demand for a platform that seamlessly connects news, communication, and events.

The Future of LGBTQ+ Social Websites

From finding adult dating partners with similar interests to joining chat rooms for anonymous connections, websites across the digital landscape make it easy for members to validate their identity and experiences. However, there is yet to be a website or app that draws on the community's interests and thrives with the same success as Facebook or Instagram.

The Effect of Online LGBTQ+ Spaces

What would it signify for the LGBT community to generate an app or website or social network that was as universally recognized as other social media platforms? Smaller online spaces and networks for gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, and transgender individuals allows them to share photos of their lives, make connections, and stay informed with the world around them. Beyond that, however, coming out online continues to be a niche space.

Gay man generating an app or website or social network for the LGBT community that could be as universally recognized as other social media platforms

A variety of websites, apps (for iPhone and Android), and networks help individuals celebrate their identity and seek mentors or friends for emotional support and maintain social activity. As popular as social media sites are, non-LGBT-centric social media sites commonly fail to adopt appropriate measures against bullying and leave the LGBTQ+ tribe vulnerable to awkward behavior of some dudes, not saying about harassment. A broader accessible network would help cement the community's visibility at-large and provide invested users with a streamlined service that's tailored to their needs.

Free Communication

Two gay men who met each other online on a date chatting and smiling

LGBTQ+ tribes currently connect on general social media networks that people from all walks of life use. While these networks support them to branch out and solidify their lifestyle, social media struggles to expand their engagement and protect them from victimization.

Top News Media

Types of media shown as a road sign

Reliable news is a vital resource for people to remain up-to-date about the issues that adversely affect them locally and abroad. While social networks succeeded in partially replacing media, many still prefer stories from trusted professional authors. Some of the best online resources are listed below and include:

Community Events

Gay people sitting on the grass at an LGBTQ festival

Most members of the LGBT community rely on local organizations, favorite social media accounts, calls in social networks, and volunteer groups to find events in their area. Popular events are rare unless they harbinger on commemorating gay pride in June or gains significant media and social networks coverage. For those looking for local events nearby and across the country, some of the best free websites are:

Dating apps and sites

Two gay men searching for a sexual partner to fulfill each other's sexual fantasies and phoning the first candidate

Online dating's changed the way LGBTQ+ singles find that special someone in their life whether it's for a quick fling or a long-term commitment. It's no longer taboo to invite a virtual Cupid into one's romantic life and fall in love. The difficulty of dating apps, however, is the number of fake or abandoned accounts over legitimate matches that can be a major turn-off for new users. Moreover, apps for the gay community whether they are free or not mostly lack social networking features. However, some of the websites and apps are better adjusted to meet gay men, lesbians, queers, and other tribes needs:  

KeYou: All-in-One LGBTQ Social Network

Instead of downloading several apps for various activities, an online space that includes more than one function would fill in a missing gap in the LGBT community. However, a significant pattern emerges when gay social networking sites try to break the mold of traditional platforms that focus on one medium. They often fail to acquire new gay members or lack the resources to promote their site and gain memberships. An all-in-one online space (dating, networking, news, community events, etc.) for gays should avoid certain pitfalls to be a true success.

Innovative entrepreneurs and tech-savvy companies already provide access to essential information, entertainment, and social networking that gay men, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender individuals are searching for. Individual sites, apps, and networks currently offer features that attract a large and passionate following that's hungry for more content. 

To meet all demands of the gay community KeYou has been created. It is an ultimate combination of the above features and much more. Designed as an all-in-one dating and entertainment platform for gay millennials, it provides users with plenty of unique experiences. Those include secure virtual (video) dates and social networking. Launched initially for the gay community in NYC, it is now scaling nationwide. All kinds of gay men can be found there, including bears, seniors, and youngsters. KeYou also owns the same name media featuring news, events, and blogs for gay lifestyle to flourish, and every good gay man can find his gay Mr. Right.