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Speed dating for gays in NYC: best events and popular places

Speed dating for gays in NYC: best events and popular places


The gay community is filled with people who want to meet their spiritual mates. When you’re in NYC, it can seem overwhelming to meet people using traditional connections. If you’re tired of using an app to find a professional and you’ve run out of options in NYC within your little black book, you can turn to one of the hottest and most effective ways to meet people. Speed dating can introduce you to a lot of local  gay men so that you can decide who you click with, especially in NYC.

Before you sign up for any kind of speed dating, you need to know more about the process as well as the hottest places in NYC to go for this sort of thing.

What is speed dating?

Two gays on a speed date holding a clock

Speed dating is a revolutionary way for you to meet people in person without having to go on extended dates only to find that there is no connection. Instead, events are set up where you and dozens of other singles go to meet people. Half of the people are seated on one side of the table while the other half of the people are seated on the other side of the table. While there are some variations, this is typically the way that it goes.

You will have between three and five minutes to talk with the guy in front of you. Then, there’s a bell or whistle that sounds when time is up. Everyone on one side of the table moves to the right so that the next round of “dates” starts. You don’t need to be a math guru to realize your chances at least double.

Since you have a limited amount of time with each person, it’s mainly for a first impression. You can, of course, have some prepared questions. This allows you to have some important information provided to you right away. If you like the person that you meet, share information so that the two of you can connect after it is over.

Speed dating is often broken into categories. This is particularly important to ensure you go to an event that is going to have the kind of people you want to meet. You don’t want to go on straight night as it will result in zero matches. Similarly, they can have a few other categories for you to consider:


Now that you have the gist of what it is about, you need to know the real reason to try it out. If you’re tired of using apps where you answer the same few questions online and it’s hard to get a commitment to meet in person, you can skip a lot of that. When speed dating in NYC, you’re sitting across from the person. If the two of you like each other, the chemistry is felt instantly. And, if you really love your apps, you can find a gay app (like ‘Speed Date Mate’) to connect you to a mate or check all of the local events happening around NYC at KeYou.

Tips for Gay Speed Dating in NYC

If you’re going to be successful with gay speed dating in NYC, there are a few tips you will want to follow. This way, you can find the right event and make sure that you’re prepared for it all.

First impressions matter. Be ready for what you’re going to talk about. Sketch some of the things that you might want to talk about:

Have fun with what you’re talking about but don’t bring up politics, religion or personal problems as those aren’t first-date topics.

Be sure to let yourself shine, too:

Gay getting ready for a speed date

Reviews of the Top New York City Dating Events

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Gay events in NYC are organized all the time. Rather than using gay dating app, you can have more face-to-face dates. Plus, you won’t have to spend countless nights going out without anywhere not mentioning privacy concerns related with most apps. You get more first impressions and chances to show yourself so that your dating life becomes more exciting.

Some gay events in NYC are more professional than others. The main differences are how the organizers choose to differ themselves. As such, there are a few things to pay attention to when you are choosing gay event:

Weekend Dating

Despite the name, this service holds events on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. The mini-dates are four-minutes in length and are held throughout Manhattan as well as Nassau and Suffolk County. In addition to the standard speed dating, there are also mingle nights that are themed with such things as 80s dance parties and Seinfeld trivia.


Speed NY has branded itself to be more relaxed than some of the other speed dating services that are around. They don’t use stopwatches, so it’s not as timed as other gay speed dating in NYC.

On Speed Dating

On Speed Dating hosts themed nights throughout NYC, allowing you to find urban gay nights as well as focusing on some of the other important topics of your life, including drinking wine and finding men in uniform.

My Cheeky Gay Date

This company is committed to offering a fresh alternative to speed dating in NYC. They have created a “cheeky-chic” environment that is relaxing. They have done away with nametags and whistles because they don’t find them romantic.

Top Bars and Restaurants in NYC for Speed Dating

Gay people on a speed date on the rooftop of a restaurant in New York drinking, eating, smiling and chatting

You’ll find all sorts of amazing venues across NYC that offer gay speed dating. Some will promote events specifically for the LGBTQ community on specific days while others will be hosting onesfor speed dating gay companies.

Consider a few of the top places in New York City:

Get Started with Local Speed Dating in New York Today

The key to gay speed dating in NYC is all about finding a local mate. If you live in Long Island, find events near you instead of going into the big city. Otherwise, you’re going to find someone who could be hours away from you. 

Have some fun when you go on a gay speed date. If you’re feeling a bit nervous or are not sure what to do, we have a few extra tips:

Not all events in NYC are structured in the same way. However, when it comes to speed dating for gays, it’s bound to be fun and filled with the possibility of finding a real local connection.