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KeYou is the all in one ecosystem for gay millennials. We are a multifunctional, social and entertainment platform. KeYou has features like social networking, dating, messenger, voice/ video calls, live streaming, and blogs.

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KeYou is here to build your strong personal connections. Our service promotes goodwill, safety, tolerance and mutual respect. KeYou connects people with similar beliefs and values for LTR.

We offer computer software for personal computers and mobile devices, including software for the provision of services for organizing meetings, acquaintances, dates, making calls, messaging and downloading media files.

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Users need a safe space for self-expression and their full potential realization. We believe that the gay community deserves privacy and respect. KeYou invites passionate gay people to become KeYou ambassadors and contribute to our unique product for the public good.

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Ongoing LGBTQ revolution helps to change people’s minds on the community worldwide. LGBTQ people in general and the gay community in particular continue to passionately fight for equal rights which keep strengthening and enlarging the community worldwide.

We advocate for equal opportunities for everyone identified as LGBTQ and are combining the world of dating, entertainment and social network in one platform.