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Reasons for LGBTQ not to feel safe after Brexit

Reasons for LGBTQ not to feel safe after Brexit


The Brexit turmoil continues to escalate as the deadline to leave the EU is approaching. While many Brits are concerned about employment, travel issues and possible economic decline, LGBTQ community also has the reason to not feel safe. It may sound strange, especially taking into account all the great victories of LGBTQ people for the last decade. The fragile equality that is being established can easily be ruined and all legislation protecting the community from discrimination may once be rolled back.

How is it possible? Well, it is pretty easy. After leaving the EU the UK will have no obligation to follow the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights that in particular provides a protection for LGBTQ people. What is more, the conservatives will highly likely to realize this nightmare. Sajid Javid who delivered a talk at recent Tory Party Conference called to eliminate “inefficient EU programmes” and replace them with “genuinely better homegrown alternatives”. It sounds scary and may only result in chaos and new homophobic outbreaks. Moreover, the event was attended by PM Boris Johnson who expressed his support to the speaker.

Luckily, there are other forces able to protect the UK, maintain diversity and inclusion, fight for LGBTQ people and their fundamental rights. Gina Miller, ardent anti-Brexit campaigners, is in their ranks. Successfully challenged two PMs she foresees a harsh struggle ahead. “Ours is arguably the most successful representative parliamentary democracy in the world and my cases were about protecting the voices of our elected representatives in parliament,” she said. For LGBTQ community and allies it is time to act for themselves and generations to come.