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Blood has no sexual orientation

Blood has no sexual orientation


When it comes to saving lives does the source really matter? That is an immediate question arising amid blood banks shortage nationwide during the coronavirus pandemic. However, up to now it turns out that it does matter. FDA and currently adopted legislation explicitly bans gay men from being blood donors. This outdated ban originated from the HIV crisis of 1981 is still working. Despite tremendous progress in blood testing and reducing the risk of its transmission to almost zero and millions of live that could have been saved due to gay donors the reform has not been made so far. 

Amid blood shortage declared by FDA, State Senator from New York Brad Hoylman is calling to lift an outdated law and finally let gay men contribute to blood donation to the public good and saving life of their fellow citizens. According to UCLA law School estimate this measure can provide blood supply for an additional 1.8 million Americans. State of emergency we are currently going through requires extraordinary and quick measures to curb COVID-19 spread and help those in need of blood. Isn’t it the time for the FDA to act RIGHT NOW?