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Boston Gay Men’s Chorus is here to fill your heart with joy

Boston Gay Men’s Chorus is here to fill your heart with joy


For millions of artists, performers an ongoing pandemic brought them apart from broad audiences nationwide. With concerts and performances cancelled (at least) till Fall, we all miss live music in particular and arts in general. As the socializing has become very limited and people here and there are unable to enjoy local communities, mental and psychological problems have arisen even for those who never felt depressed before.  Boston Gay Men’s Chorus, however, has decided to make a difference and bring a glimpse of hope to all Americans and especially to LGBTQ community. 

To elevate audience spirits the chorus has chosen a very special masterpiece.  “Everything Possible” by Fred Small used to be a must of the chorus performances intended to welcome irts new members and create closer spiritual bonds with its older members. Nowadays, however it brings new meanings including strong belief in our ability to overcome all the difficulties Americans face right now. Brought together via conference, the members of BGMC not only preserved their professional tradition but also paid tribute to millions of Americans who are doing incredible jobs at the frontline of battling COVID-19. Those include medical workers, grocery store employees, health care workers, Uber drivers and many more who make contributions to maintaining possible levels of normalcy during these hard times. 

The performance has also allowed the chorus to accomplish their mission that is “to bring joy and light through song”.  BGMC family keeps bringing us love, family, acceptance and peace in a pretty unstable world. “Everything Possible” being originally created on demand of the same-sex couple as a lullaby has actually bacome something bigger. Not only can it bring peace and joy to absolutely different people but also remind how important it is for society to stay connected, be kind, exercise tolerance,  embrace acceptance and encourage diversity and inclusion.