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Commemorating pulse victims: deadly count is still on

Commemorating pulse victims: deadly count is still on


Four years the drastic tragedy at Pulse took the lives of 49 innocent LGBTQ people. Despite numerous declarations made at a time, the situation with hate crimes targeting community members has not shown any signs of improvement so far. What's more, it actually continues to worsen. The joint report by  Human Rights Campaign, Everytown for Gun Safety Support Fund, Giffords Law Center, and Equality Florida demonstrates that gun violence against LGBTQ people is on the rise. This result is somewhat not surprising as the total number of anti-LGBTQ groups in the US jumped in 2019 by 43% (year-to-year). "From the tragedy at Pulse nightclub four years ago to the dozens of transgender and gender non-conforming people killed by firearms over the last decade, our community is under attack and needs reform to improve our well-being," as Alphonso David from Human Rights Campaign put it. 

The shooting appeared to be the deadliest in the community's entire history. The organizations prepared the report are calling for immediate action to save LGBTQ lives. With 10K+ hate crimes involving firearms annually, the attackers are primarily targeting queer people. Unfortunately, most of them die. It is obvious that the problem cannot be solved completely right away, and many lives will be sacrificed before substantial changes may occur. However, if to start acting right and changing existing legislation, there is hope. The hope to build a better and safer future for our community. Nadine Smith from Equality Florida expresses the strongest commitment to contribute to life-long work towards life quality improvement. "We must confront America's epidemic of gun violence by changing the policies that put weapons of war in civilian's hands, enabling mass casualties in mere seconds," read her statement. 

The problem of gun violence is a nationwide one. While the efforts are currently led by LGBTQ advocating organizations, it seems reasonable for authorities to intervene at some point. Not only will it help to save tens of thousands of queer lives abruptly interrupted in vain. The move may help to unite Americans, eliminating some basis for the hatred that otherwise brightly flourishes in the US. KeYou is also not standing aside from the problem. We have recently launched a flashmob #GAYLIVESMATTER" that aims to attract attention to the ever-growing number of hate violence victims among gays. Only the united efforts will bring now split America together in the foreseeable future.