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First figures on effect of COVID-19 on LGBTQ Americans published

First figures on effect of COVID-19 on LGBTQ Americans published


While we are still in the midst of the pandemic and lockdowns shifts are just expected, the first figures on the economic impact made by the virus start to roll out. The study targeting LGBTQ community was conducted last week by Human Rights Campaign and PSB Research. The results of the survey have been published earlier this week to clearly demonstrate two major trends: LGBTQ community in the US has experienced more severe economic hardships and is much more concerned about the situation at large compared to the general population. Survey results provided insights on the aspects of LGBTQ life affected mostly by the virus. 

First of all, working hours have been reduced more for LGBTQ employees (30 vs 22% for the general population). At the same time, unemployment rates appeared to be nearly the same. As a result, personal finances have become worse year-to-year and are expected to be the same next year. The percent of respondents reported such a situation appears to be two times higher among LGBTQ employees and amounts to 20% and 10%, respectively. These concerns have already become a reality with almost 60% of LGBTQ population reducing expenses including requests of rent payment delays (11%). 

At the same time, LGBTQ people in general seem to be more prepared for the outbreak and take it more seriously. In particular, 54% of them have purchased masks and other PPE and are actively using it when outside (compared to 43% of the general population). Moreover, LGBTQ people tend to consult their PCP regarding precautions two times more often (27% vs 14%).  Finally, 93% of LGBTQ population expect more action from the authorities vs 83% among the rest of the nation.  The conclusion drawn from all the figures is pretty simple and straightforward: LGBTQ people are among the most vulnerable Americans affected by the pandemic. While they manage ways to stay safe and adjust their finances to meet just urgent needs they have right to expect extended support from the authorities.