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IVF legalization is about to bring happiness of motherhood. Conservatives oppose

IVF legalization is about to bring happiness of motherhood. Conservatives oppose


As the French Parliament continues to discuss IVF legalization the tensions between conservatives and LGBTQ community escalate. Will President Macron succeed in revolutionizing French legislation?

France, one of the leading European economics, is currently undergoing revolutionary transformation. If passed, the legislation in question will forever change lives of millins of Frenchmen including LGBTQ community. As we reported earlier, French Parliament is debating legalization of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) for lesbians and single women. In brief, the bill aims to legalize the right of all the French for having children regardless of their marital status and orientation and cover all associated medical expenses. It is worth noting the bill does not consider surrogate mothers. What could be wrong with such a great initiative?

Ask conservatives. They have plenty of reasons. Moreover, to protect outdated patriarchal principles they went on Paris streets last Sunday. The demonstrations were organized by the same forces protesting against same-sex marriage legalization. It looks like those guys are just looking for the cause to remind people that they exist. Although peaceful, the protest was quite controversial. “We cannot live without our parents. That's the human condition.

They are making legislation so that a person will not have a father anymore,” said Olivier, one of the participants. Well, that is simply wrong interpretation. The bill allows everyone to request a disclosure of father’s name starting from the age of 18. To support the Parliament, LGBTQ activists held an alternative event nearby. Will the fundamental right of parenthood be granted in France?