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GMHC brings NYC LGBTQ community together

GMHC brings NYC LGBTQ community  together


LGBTQ community in NYC stays strong and united in the midst of the pandemic. We have already reported charity distributing backpacks with neccesites among LGBTQ homeless. Yet another generous initiative has been launched by GMHC. “GMHC on the GO” aims to deliver food packages to the community members across the city. As the regular activities of the charity were interrupted by the outbreak, this move will definitely contribute to strengthening the community and delivering a unique opportunity of communication while maintaining social distancing. 

The word has been quickly spread and the members of other LGBTQ organizations including GOAL (Gay Officers Action League) and   FireFLAG/ EMS representing LGBTQ firefighters and emergency medical technicians hastened to join the move along with the staff of famous BOxers NYC.  The chance of meeting soulmates is crucial for many LGBTQ people, both single and married.  The former have a chance to chat and work in a friendly and safe environment, to contribute to public good and break up with loneliness. For the latter there is a chance for a relief of all negative emotions accumulated due to extended stay in limited space with the partner. 

On top of that, all the members of LGBTQ community involved have a chance to share their personal experience of surviving during the pandemic, get or provide advice on coping stress, depression and other medical problems associated with extended self-isolation. “We’re always involved in community events whenever we’re asked whether to work the door for a ball or provide food for the KiKi Coalition Youth Pride Fest, ” as Brian Downey, the GOAL president put it. For Brian there is one more reason to be happy and enjoy cooperating with GMHC. That is, he personally contracted the coronavirus and managed to combat the disease. “It wasn't the sickest I’ve ever been, but it was a very scary experience,” he said. All-in-all, any possibility for LGBTQ community to cooperate is incredibly valuable if not to say vital in these days of uncertainty. The friendly smile of a buddy is something we all miss so much.