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Harmful support with Rainbow flag

Harmful support with Rainbow flag


Rainbow is undoubtedly one of the key and the most recognized symbols for LGBTQ people. Not surprisingly, it is often used at Pride events uniting and strengthening the community. It is also great when LGBTQ allies show their support in everyday life with clothes and other elements containing recognized symbols. Things, however, become absolutely different when it comes to taking public actions without getting approval from the authorities when it is required by law. That is exactly the case that took place at Peet Junior High School (Cedar Falls, IA). The move was done by Dem. Senator Giddens and his wife without any notice of school administration.

Not surprisingly, the action angered both conservatives and liberals. For the former it is just their routine business of confronting everything that is different from their own beliefs. “The event, as it took place, was not expected nor approved as it became something different than ‘show kindness’. We have reviewed how we can and will handle situations like this better in the future and something like this/or similar, will not take place again,” read the school statement. It however does not mean that no action should be taken to cultivate tolerance towards LGBTQ people in kids. Much better way was proposed by Jen Rowray from one of LGBTQ support groups in the area. “Honestly, if you want to help these kids, get LGBTQ people involved in the communication,” she said. Simply genius.