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Hate on rise

Hate on rise


LGBTQ hate in the US is on rise. Once again.  According to the Southern Poverty Law Center the total number of anti-LGBTQ organizations has increased 43% in 2019. SPLC amounts of such organizations to 70 as follows from its “Year in Hate and Extremism” report that was released earlier this month. The report also outlines numerous recently appointed officials with a long anti-LGBTQ record.  Some of them have even been earlier involved in activities incompatible with the principles of diversity and inclusion widely advertised by the current administration. One of the anti-LGBTQ organizations SPLC is closely monitoring, Alliance Defending Freedom has suggested recalling the report and trying to unite Americans. “Stop sowing division and join the rest of America against our common foe: COVID-19,”  read the ADF statement. While combating a serious enemy all the controversies should be put aside. That is the only way for the entire community to stay strong and to overcome the difficulties we are currently facing. This goal can only be achieved by means of zero tolerance to discrimination towards LGBTQ people that is unfortunately is still not the case for many places in the US (see, for example, our recent post about discrimination towards gay man in New York).

The accusations of the authorities in implementing decisions that could be potentially harmful to LGBTQ people, however, were hit back by Judd Deere, White House deputy press secretary. In particular, he pointed out the Administration policies in appointing officials.

“While the radical left has pushed false accusations that LGBTQ Americans are threatened, the president has hired and promoted LGBTQ Americans to the highest levels of government, including positions at the White House, Cabinet agencies, and ambassadorships, ”

 he said. Moreover, Mr. Deere reminded about President ongoing  attempts to decriminalize homosexuality. While all these statements sound promising the actual things that happen across the country clearly demonstrate the progress in establishing equality is not that exciting. If we assume that all said by the Secretary Deere to be true, why does the hate towards to LGBTQ people keep escalating?