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He once made history. Now he became history

He once made history. Now he became history


Leo Varadkar has resigned as a PM of Ireland following the electoral defeat.  Despite his service as a head of the government hasn’t lasted long (less than 3 years only), he undoubtedly made history and contributed to advocating LGBTQ rights in Ireland and around the globe. Leo appeared to be the Ireland’s first  openly gay PM and fourth in a row worldwide following those of Iceland, Belgium and Luxembourg. He has an outstanding record in promoting LGBTQ rights and supporting minorities. That is not surprising as aside of being Ireland’s first openly gay PM, he is also the one of the Indian herritage to take the highest office of the country.  While in office, Leo tooks every chance to engourage LGBTQ youths in Ireland to be themselves. 

He himself used to bring his partner, Matthew Barrett, to the high-rank international visits. In particular, he brought Matthew to the official lunch with the US Vice-President Mike Pence who has a life-long anti-LGBTQ record. Varadkar hasn’t missed a chance to point out to Pence the fact of the US losing leading positions in advocating LGBTQ rights. Earlier, in 2015, he provided an excellent example of courage and bravery after coming out being the first Irish minister in office. Before that Leo was actively involved in promoting legislation to legalize same-sex marriage in Ireland that finally succeeded in 2015. 

When taking office in 2017, Varadkar has already had “many crowning achievements” as Paul Kehoe put it. He contributed to overcoming the country’s biggest recession via The Gathering tourism initiative and finally opened National Children’s Hospital , to name a few. “The responsibility is on all of us to ensure we provide good government, and indeed good opposition,” he said leaving the office.  Wise words and an excellent example of service regardless of who you are.