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Invest in KeYou and anticipate future social and business trends

Invest in KeYou and anticipate future social and business trends


While investors and startups were adjusting to the new post-COVID world, a new reality replaced it – "post-George Floyd-world". In this world, entrepreneurs, VCs, angel investors, etc., are proud to demonstrate their social responsibility by supporting projects targeting minorities and/or ran by so-called "underestimated founders".

That evil we saw with George Floyd's death should never happen, but we are increasingly witnessing it again and again. At the same time, our team at KeYou (all-in-one ecosystem for the gay community) considers LGBTQ community as one of the most vulnerable and suffering from hate crimes across the US. With figures hardly extractable due to increasing community fear to report crimes, the situation is truly alarming and continues to worsen. Some reports indicate over 200K hate crimes across the nation, with almost 20% (or maybe much higher!) targeting LGBTQ people. 

With anti-LGBTQ hate on a dramatic rise (70 groups in the US as of 2019, 43% rise from 2018), it is hard to imagine all the sufferings LGBTQ people experience right now and will face in the nearest future. Ten more LGBTQ people have been murdered in 2020 so far. Census 2020, for the first time in the US history, counted queer people. Threatening figures are ahead. 

All vulnerable groups and minorities deserve equal rights and adequate protection. Today we are standing with all Americans peacefully demanding fundamental changes. Changes to unite America rather than to burst it into pieces. That's why we are sure that GAY LIVES MATTER! Our project KeYou aims to unite gay people across the US. That's why we are building a multifunctional, social, and entertainment platform for the gay community. It is a safe space to inspire communication and self-expression, which is continually under attack by bullies and homophobes.

We are proud to be supported by Starta Ventures, SFoundation  (Startup Ecosystem Powered By Diversity). Our project has graduated from Starta accelerator in New York and will participate in SFoundation accelerator in Silicon Valley. Yet currently, we are raising Seed round to create ONE platform for gays' needs. We are striving to create and fulfill the gay experience. 

We call for investors, VCs, funds, and all our great people to contribute, to spread the word, and to help LGBTQ movement, by supporting projects like ours. Click the link below with our investor deck and contact us. We will be glad to schedule a call and discuss the details. 

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