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Let me apologize but keep my mind: doctors treating transgender teenagers can be treated as criminals

Let me apologize but keep my mind: doctors treating transgender teenagers can be treated as criminals


The entire world is celebrating liberation of Auschwitz this week remembering millions of innocent victims. Those who managed to survive in this hell are still among us as a live memory of the tragedy that happened and should bever be repeated again. While the vast majority of people are sincere in their sorrow others are trying to capitalize, to achieve their own goals. That is exactly happening in South Dakota right now. Fred Deutch, a son of Auschwitz survivor is sponsoring the bill to oppress trans youths. It looks like the lesson was not learned and what is even worse, misinterpeted. So what has the politician said and what is the bill about?

Well, “to me, that’s a crime against humanity when these procedures are done by these so-called doctors,” Deutsch said. That is how he personally considers medical treatment (puberty-blocking therapy) provided by doctors to trans youths. While the statement itself outlines Deutsch incompetence regarding the problem considered, it was just a beginning of his astonishing tirade during the interview to Tony Perkins. “You know, I’m the son of a Holocaust survivor. I’ve had family members killed in Auschwitz. And I’ve seen the pictures of the bizarre medical experiments. I don’t want that to happen to our kids. And that’s what’s going on right now.” Thanks God, IT IS NOT HAPPENING RIGHT NOW. And hopefully, will never happen again. “What doctors are providing is the best care they know for their patients,” Smith told the Argus Leader. That is happening right now being quite useful. This, medication, however, has nothing in common with inhuman experiments made by Nazis. Luckily, Deutsch has quickly realized how ridiculous his statement was and has already released the apology.



However, he continued sponsoring the bill. This dangerous legislative initiative intends to criminalize healthcare for transgender teens. The truth, however, is different. Studies indicate, that puberty-blocking treatment is not harmful and is even reversible. What is even more, it helps trans youths to overcome difficulties related with gender identification, inhibits development of mental diseases and even contributes to suicide rate reduction. All these positive effects will simply be wiped out. That is not saying that by these means trans youths will be deprived from the right of being themselves. Finally, the restrictions proposed may also prevent trans teens from socializing with their classmates due to a ban to participate in sports activities under their true gender.  Unfortunately, time flows in one direction and many ridiculous things done today are irreversible for future generations.