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Swiss LGBT referendum: how to fight homophobia

Swiss LGBT referendum: how to fight homophobia


We have earlier reported about landmark referendum on LGBTQ anti-discrimination law. The first results coming from the polls clearly indicate that enormous work made by activists and supporters of the law across the country were not in vain. To be exact, over 63% of the Swiss voted in favor of the law. These outstanding and somewhat unexpected results present a strong reason to celebrate for the entire Swiss LGBTQ community.  “This result is a strong signal because the Swiss people say: We don’t want hate, we want an open society with acceptance for everyone,” as Salome Zimmermann from the Swiss lesbian organization (LOS) put it. "I actually dated men for 10 years. Now I have a girlfriend, and we are a cuddly couple, we do hold hands. But there are situations where we will not hold hands, in order to feel more safe,” shares her personal experience  Anna Rosenwasser from LOS. For these beautiful ladies as long for the entire LGBTQ community the years of fear and hidden life are finally over. That is, for sure, a huge relief. 

Any other related news? Yes, there is. The bill to legalize same-sex marriage is on its way to the Parliament. With such a great support of the community from the Swiss people nothing looks impossible. Bisexual MP Tamara Funiciello emphasizes the importance of new legislation to be adopted: “My community demands complete equality in marriage – with all rights and obligations. Of course, this also includes protecting families and children. Otherwise the exercise is for nothing!” That is so true. Moreover, the new law has some other far-reaching implications. Not only it provides protection against discrimination for LGBTQ people, but also for other minorities. Switzerland is finally equal to (at least some) of its European partners in taking care about all of its citizens.