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“LGBTQ free zones” in SC: is it possible?

“LGBTQ free zones” in SC: is it possible?


Yes, for real. That is what may happen in South Carolina following an example of Poland. In this European country over one third of the municipalities declared to be “LGBTQ free zones”.  The move widely condemned in Europe may now come to the US. The question was initiated by Greenville county council. It all started from the vote of councilman Joe Dill who decided to block the repeal anti-gay law dated back to 1996. It explicitly states that

“lifestyles advocated by the gay community should not be endorsed by government policy makers, because they are incompatible with the standards to which this community subscribes”.

Mr. Dill, however, didn’t stop at this point. He aims to initiate a referendum in favor of law enforcement and effectively make the county “LGBTQ free”. 

The referendum to be held before presidential elections later this year will question county residents on whether they support “community values” based on homophobia. Unfortunately, the initiative gathered supporters very quickly in front of the council.  Luckily, not all councilmen supported Mr. Dill. Among those who wanted to repeal an outdated harmful resolution was Council chairman Butch Kirven.

“Nowhere in state law in our given duties and responsibilities does it say anything about County Council being responsible for setting the community standards of Greenville County,”

 he said.  The reaction also came from Upstate Pride SC, local LGBTQ advocating organization. It called the community to continue fight for the repeal of homophobic resolution . That is the only way community values can be updated to consider all its members.