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LGBT-free zones in Poland: reality created by state propaganda

LGBT-free zones in Poland: reality created by state propaganda


LGBTQ people in Poland are just surviving thanks to the government policy. The society is also pumped with propaganda. Is there any hope for a better future?

Fueled by the ruling party, Poland is about to become one of the worst places for LGBTQ people in Europe. Consistent in its homophobic statements and implemented policies, the authorities seem to reach their goal ahead of the vote this Sunday. Numerous surveys conducted clearly indicate high levels of intolerance of Polish society towards LGBTQ people. In one of them people under 40 were asked about #1 threat in Poland. While most of the women replied climate crisis, their spouses picked up gender indentity and LGBTQ movement. These results are truly horrifying but do reflect reality. Attempted Pride Parades across the country resulted in brutal response from conservative elements far outnumbering parade participants. Many activists were injured and suffered both physically and morally.

One of the worst things about it are methods and goals of the government that are behind the scenes. That is, Law and Justice, has successfully found the minority to blame: LGBTQ people. An intense propaganda works most effectively in rural areas where the wages are lower and people are generally poorer. The political goal is to mobilize voters ahead of the elections by pointing out “bad guy” support a continuous oppression of LGBTQ people in Poland.

What makes things even worse is the position of the US, life-long ally of Poland. The US-Poland Strategic Partnership signed in 2018 called both countries to stick to “common democratic values and principles, including freedom, independent institutions, and human rights.” In fact, basic human rights of LGBTQ Poles were heavily violated earlier this year while the US reaction to it fluctuated from negligence to a very weak one. With all the conditions against them LGBTQ Poles have nobody to rely on except themselves. The community should stay united and help each other to the most possible extent.