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LGBTQ-free zones - human rights free zones

LGBTQ-free zones - human rights free zones


Despite being a part of EU and sharing some European values Poland continues to follow its "unique". Backed with law and justice numerous cities across the country have announced to be "LGBTQ-free zones". Unfortunately, those were not just declarations but real actions that have already affected thousands of LGBTQ Poles. According to the authorities the move is intended to terminate tolerance to LGBTQ and is in line with the ruling party anti-LGBTQ policies announced last October. These aggressive actions were also supported by the Church including archbishop of Warsaw who warned the prayers about "rainbow plaque" spreading across the country.

One simple thing that has been forgotten in this anti-LGBTQ hysterics is that victims are Poles, the fellow-citizen. They are supposed to enjoy the same rights as all others. Unfortunately, this simple truth seems to be beyond authorities understanding. Thus, the only path left for LGBTQ Poles is to appeal to international institutions including European Commission.  Bart Staszewski is among those who care. Traveling across the country he takes pictures of anti-LGBTQ signs and talks with the victims of the policy. Luckily, nowadays this evidence can quickly go viral once posted online. The bottom line is to show the sufferings of real people affected by wild policies."They are ordinary people, with ordinary lives but perceived by local government as a threat — maybe after this project, they will look differently at these LGBT-people," as Bart put it. His posts have already caught attention Guy Verhofstadt, liberal MEP. Once again he appealed to European Commission arguing immediate action to be taken against homophobia at the center of Europe.

It is, however, worth noting that some resolutions have already released by Brussels. The most recent one condemned disgusting LGBTQ-free practices. This part has most probably been ignored by the authorities. The only thing that may have effect is funding. That is why European Commission " monitor how all EU funding is used, to remind stakeholders of their commitment to non-discrimination and that such funds must not be used for discriminatory purposes". Hopefully, this measure will result in justice being restored at least in part. Polish LGBTQ community is staying strong despite unprecedenfed levels of homophobia. With funds cut the authorities have less chances to fulfill all their social promises. Ahead of the Presidential elections this May conservative voters have more reasons to think again. Reckless homophobia can directly affect their future well-being.