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No hospital-no discrimination: is it the only option?

No hospital-no discrimination: is it the only option?


All lives matter. However, in hard times we are currently living not everyone has a clear understanding of this simple fact. Despite the entire nation being united to combat deadly disease, some people still find ways to discriminate. We have already reported the controversial policies adopted by Samaritan's Purse, an evangelist organization managing the field hospital at Central Park, NEw York. In particular, the applications from LGBTQ volunteers have been rejected citing organization internal policies. Such a discriminatory behavior, while denied by Franklin Graham, even caused the visit of Mayor de Blasio to be canceled. 

While extra beds were definitely in high demand in New York as an epicenter of pandemic the concerns have been raised by the LGBTQ community about non-equal treatment of patients based on their orientation.  The field hospital  has been affiliated with Mount Sinai Hospital and raised a principle question of the hospital administration being supportive towards discriminatory policies of the unit.  The question has become especially vital as some of the healthcare workers at Mount Sinai Hospital are openly LGBTQ.  With the problem elevated to CEO level, it was addressed by Dr. David Reich (out gay President of the hospital) in a conversation with Franklin Graham. As a result, the field hospital has been shut down contributing to an already existing lack of beds across the city of New York. That is the price for not being able to make a compromise while sticking to personal beliefs harmful to the society at large.