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No NYC Pride 2020

No NYC Pride 2020


That is the question the entire LGBTQ community needed a decisive answer. While the major effort of the New York authorities is to combat COVID-19 other issues are simply put on hold. At the press conference held on April 17, 2020 mayor de Blasio didn’t provide a direct answer thus leaving room for rumors, guesses and uncertainty.

“Can I envision as early as June mass gatherings, like some of these huge events? I can’t see it,”

 he said at the press conference.  At the same time, the final decision hasn’t been made yet with the authorities and organizers being involved in talks. It is, however, highly likely for the Pride to be canceled. 

Similar decisions have already been made in other major US cities including Los Angeles, San Francisco and Washington DC.  On April 20 sad news came. NYC Pride has been canceled. For the first time in half a century there will be no festivities for LGBTQ people. The community suffered a lot in the past from discrimination and lack of diversity and inclusion. It is now time to stay united like never before even staying at home. That is the only way to overcome the hardship of today and preserve ourselves for better times of joy to come.