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Perspective: If you were NY Post editor would you think before twitting?

Perspective: If you were NY Post editor would you think before twitting?


While the vast majority of Americans handle state of emergency, practice self-isolation and social distancing there are still people who do not treat the pandemic seriously. Michael Benjamin from NY Post is one of them. Or not? His recent tweet provides an undoubtful answer. 

“Perspective: If you tested positive, which virus would you prefer?”

 The two choices proposed were HIV and COVID-19. Such formulation just left many users speechless. It remains unclear how such a “brilliant” idea could pop up in his mind. What is even more questionable is how could it come viral. The post, however, caused an immediate and harsh reaction of Twitter users worldwide. “What the f*** is wrong with you?”,  “Is it appropriate for one of your team to post something so offensive and stigmatising?” read just some of them. It looks like this “thought leader” has never thought when posting such a question. 

 Michael Benjamin

What is more, Benjamin was almost ignorant of any critics. “It says ‘Perspective.’ You’re not forced to participate. If offended, please join another species,” read his response. Luckily, NY Post appeared more thoughtful.

“Michael Benjamin’s tweet wasn’t meant maliciously — his intent was to compare the government’s response, or lack thereof, to both pandemics. But it was poorly executed, he has deleted it, and he apologizes.”

 Such behavior is much more responsible. NY Post, respected media, is supposed to follow more closely on their editors online activity.  Unfortunately, Benjamin has continued his online “exercises” later on when posted another “smart” question. “Is it possible that if we tested for ‘ordinary’ flu during the height of the flu season, lots of New Yorkers would test positive and that many more than seven would be dead?” That is definitely not the pattern thought leaders should follow.