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Resisting realms: British LGBTQ lesson

Resisting realms: British LGBTQ lesson


An inclusive curriculum that teaches about LGBTQ people was introduced in British schools last September. Long before its prospective implementation and up to now this initiative has been aggressively repulsed by various groups of British society. Conservative communities united to prevent diversity and inclusion entering their families. The grounds for opposing reform are mainly religious. While Christian community is historically known for not accepting LGBTQ people, in the UK there is an additional (relatively) new force sharing the same beliefs. That is for today's Great Britain a significant part of its citizens are Muslim. Their religion seems to be incompatible with the new curriculum introduced. At the same time, for a secular country, the UK authorities are obliged to enforce civil laws. 

The first case is now on the way to prosecute the parent who removed his child from school to avoid LGBTQ inclusive lessons.  Jabar Hussain, 51, from Birmingham is persistent in following his own way. The City Council has already warned Jabar that he may face several penalties including fine up to £ 1000, parenting order, and even up to 1 year in prison. “If I have to go to court, I have to go to court. I would go to jail for this,” reads his statement. What specifically is Jabar afraid of? To put it simple, he does not want his son to think that "it is OK to be gay", a ridiculous demand for the UK as one of the champions in advocating LGBTQ rights.

It is worth noting that the change in curriculum was initiated by 'No Outsiders"  movement. It allowed children to learn such masterpieces as “And Tango Makes Three” telling about gay male penguins raising a chick. What is so bad about learning one more point of view? What is more, Mr. Hussain pretends to respect LGBTQ rights. “We have no issue if Mr Moffat [the former assistant headteacher] wants to put on a dress, or dance around like a ballet dancer, or put on a skirt, we have no issue. We have an issue with teaching that nonsense to our kids,” he once said. Such cheating should be disguised right away. Especially considering the fact that Paul Conrathe, Hussain's lawyer has already moved forward in his claims. “The school has adopted a ‘salesman-like approach to transgender identity,” he said. The school is enforcing law. That's about it.