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Ritchie Torres: open politics from self-isolation

Ritchie Torres: open politics from self-isolation


There exists an ultimate way to follow stay-at-home order and to be actively involved in politics. Ritchie Torres, NYC Council member and Congressional candidate from South Bronx (first elected LGBTQ official)  could be an inspiration for many politicians. After being tested positive for COVID-19 earlier this month, he self-isolated at home and directed his campaign staff to do the same. While at home Ritchie continued to be active in social networks and open to interviews for the leading mass media. Not surprisingly, he has clearpoint about pandemic spread that is quite simple: “the United States did too little too late.”  He has also called social distancing a “civic duty of every American”.  

Grown up in public housing, Ritchie has stressed the importance of affordable housing. The problem existing nationwide is especially visible in the South Bronx. It has become paramount after stay-at-home orders enacted across the US. According to Torres, this vital order is impossible to follow for many Americans as they simply have no home. Where should they shelter then for the sake of their lives? This question remains open. Ritchie knows what he is talking about as well as an effective solution: federal government funding. Serving as Chair of the Council’s Committee on Public Housing back to 2014 he succeeded in securing funds for the victims of Hurricane Sandy. 

“I represent a rare combination of change and experience. I’m young enough, I’m energetic enough to be an agent for change, to represent the next generation of leadership in the South Bronx, but at the same time, I have real experience governing,”

Torres said explaining why he is the best candidate from the Democratic Party.  As an out LGBTQ official, he has also emphasized his opponent Ruben Diaz Sr. being absolutely inappropriate to represent one of the bluest areas in the US. The reason is quite simple: Diaz has career-long homophobic record. While the options for campaigning are very limited right now, Ritchie is still optimistic and full of energy to win.

“I’m a fighter. Nothing has been handed to me on a silver platter…No one is going to fight harder for the voters in the South Bronx because fighting is who I am. It’s what I do.”

Let us wish him good luck.