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Diversity and racial discrimination in one box by Kmart Australia

Diversity and racial discrimination in one box by Kmart Australia


two same-sex couples

Kmart Australia has added two same-sex couples to one of its family doll ranges, but shoppers have criticised the company for creating exclusively white dolls.

The family play sets now come in three variations, including either a family of two fathers, two mothers, or a mother and father.

Each set also comes with a picnic basket, a pet, a baby boy and a young girl and costs $15 (£7.80) each.

Kmart has also been careful not to endorse gender stereotypes, dressing one of the dad dolls in pink and one of the young girl dolls in blue.

Initially, the retail giant was widely praised on Twitter for its representation of the LGBT+ community.

“Now that’s how you do it,” tweeted one person. “No advertising, no social media campaigns to yell about how progressive you are. Just put them on the shelf and let people be surprised. Thanks Kmart.”

Another added: Praise be to #kmart for these inclusive dolls.”

However, many shoppers were disappointed that all of the dolls included in the new sets from Kmart were white.

“Kmart, it seems, are selling white people only same-sex family doll sets,” wrote one user on Twitter.

“All white of course. No one of colour exists as a family according to Kmart,” tweeted another person.

Kmart’s new products come after Mattell  has been praised for making its famous Barbie dolls more inclusive.

Over the years, the company has introduced a range of Barbie dolls with different body types and ethnicities.