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Brazilian TV series about LGBTQ will no longer get funding

Brazilian TV series about LGBTQ will no longer get funding


It is quite easy to harm an artist and Brazilian President is championing in this “service”. But not everyone agrees with him.

President Bolsonaro of Brazil has a long record of pressing LGBTQ community. What is more, he openly expresses his homophobic sentiments and tries his “best” to hit LGBTQ people with all possible crazy measures. Along these lines he has recently decided to cut funding for all the films featuring LGBTQ people and outlining problems they face with. Such an outrage was caused by Transversais, TV series about five transgenders. In a livestream viewed by millions of Brazilians he determined funding allocated for LGBTQ themes as “throwing money away”. Surprisingly, the President hit other arts as well. Is it a carnival show? Unfortunately, the realm.

However, not all officials supported such a wild move. For instance, Henrique Medeiros Pires, special secretary of culture, Henrique Medeiros Pires, has resigned right after President’s announcement. It hasn’t solved the problem though. What really help appeared to be the Supreme Court. The government film agency ANCINE responsible for funds allocation has been deprived by this duty according to the ruling of federal judge, Laura Carvalho. “Freedom of expression, equality and non-discrimination deserve the protection of the Judiciary power,” she said commenting on the decision. The justice has been restored but nothing prevents the president from continuing his discriminating policy towards LGBTQ community.