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Sen Allen attempts to revive “no homo promo” law

Sen Allen attempts to revive “no homo promo” law


Senator Sylvia Allen of Arizona is well-known for series of controversial statements and bills introduced. Some of them are just strange while others may potentially  threaten public goods and deprive some US citizens from their fundamental rights. One of her most recent legislative initiatives seems to prevent proper LGBTQ education. The bill proposed was intended to increase transparency of school curriculum and to allow its review by concerned parents. Isn’t it great? For sure! But keep reading. The details are threatening. That is to make public schools materials free of any mention of LGBTQ matters. What is more, “homosexuality” was supposed to be banned. Simply cruel. Just another attempt an entire community. They simply do not exist.

However, despite clear statement, Sen. Allen claimed to be misinterpreted. “Several news outlets have reported that my bill … prohibits the inclusion of homosexuality as part of any chosen curricula. They are misinterpreting the language. That was absolutely not my intention,” her statement read. What seems to be in reality is an attempt to revive an old “no homo promo” law (1991).  In addition to ridiculous ban just discussed the bill also suggested no sex education for kids under 12. Is it for parents to decide what kind of education and at what age their kids should receive?

Is Sen. Allen so persistent in “adjusting” education system only? Unfortunately, she isn’t. Last year her offensive statements about immigrants and “browning” America went viral and caused shock across the nation as undermining the fundamental principles our country is built on. In 2015 she suggested weapons to be allowed in public buildings. Probably, as a protective measure from those who try to modernize the country.  What is more, Sen. Allen has also accused feminist movement in “destroying our families”. Finally, the recipe of “moral rebirth” was proposed. That is to enforce attending Sunday mass. Luckily, all these “innovative” ideas were harshly opposed by Democratic Reps in Arizona and none of them have passed. What about LGBTQ education for ALL the senators?