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St. Pat for all: celebrating diversity and traditions

St. Pat for all: celebrating diversity and traditions


The celebration of Irish heritage takes place every year in early March at Queens. However, there has been something specific about it for the last 21 years. St. Pat for All brings together the members of LGBTQ community to celebrate diversity and inclusion and of course pay tribute to Irish cultural tradition.

The event at Queens was originally designed as an alternative to the mass parade in Manhattan. It however, gained popularity bringing together people from LGBTQ communities nationwide along with celebrities and officials. This year Mayor de Blassio was again in attendance and even delivered a speech.

“Twenty-one years ago, a different kind of Irish rebellion broke out right here — a rebellion in favor of respecting everybody, a rebellion in favor of ensuring the whole community can participate,”

 he said.  An excellent example of how old traditions and present day diversity can merge for the public good, communities to thrive and all its members having a chance to celebrate who they are. This year Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has also participated in the event.

“St. Pat’s for All is about celebration, inclusion, the history of our country and the history of our beautiful Irish community,"

 she said. For officials being in attendance is a great trend. It creates a strong feeling of unity for the entire LGBTQ community, feeling of being as part of the American society, distinct but integrated. This excellent tradition should continue for decades before finally all the communities in NYC will embrace diversity and inclusion.