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Late excuse from SF police for Compton’s Cafeteria riot

Late excuse from SF police for Compton’s Cafeteria riot


San Francisco is well-known for being one of the most LGBTQ friendly cities worldwide also referred as 'gay capital'. Yet, even there things that cannot be accepted happen. SF Police Department that is determined to ensure safety of all the communities but caused tensions during Pride Parade this June is the most recent example. Luckily, there are people within the department who are brave enough to admit wrongs and ready to act. Bill Scott is among them. In a speech delivered on August 26 at Glide Memorial Church he has finally admitted historic mistreatment and violence practised by SF PD for decades. Moreover, Bill apologized for police role in Compton's Cafeteria riot that took place 53 (FIFTY THREE!) years ago. “We are sorry for what happened, we are sorry for our role in it and we are sorry for the harm that it caused", he said. Great starting point. But why now? " I say it’s because we are listening. We hear you. And because it’s time”, Scott answers.

However, admitting old wrongs has nothing to do with current problems of LGBTQ community in SF. In particular, the percentage of LGBTQ people among homeless is quite high and they are unfairly swept during police raids. “If you want to truly apologize for something you have to stop what you’re doing”, said Anubis Daugherty, 25, LGBTQ homeless. He is the only one to speak out while the problem is widespread and needs an immediate response. It is worth noting that late apology came only persistent requests of The Harvey Milk LGBT Democratic Club and other groups advocating LGBTQ rights. Are we witnessing the transformation of authoririties or just another trick to approve future discrimination?