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Trans athletes: comfortable being questioned

Trans athletes: comfortable being questioned


The attacks aiming to undermine trans rights in the US at large are becoming more and more persistent and organized. Multiple cases primarily inspired by conservatives, both private and public are spreading across the nation. While just a few succeed the trend is very alarming. It becomes especially dangerous when it comes to LGBTQ youths who sometimes are still in a process of self-identification and could easily become the victims of bullying. Despite all the risks brave LGBTQ youths are raising their voices across the country. Among them there are two brave black trans girls, Andraya Yearwood and Terry Miller from Connecticut. High school track stars, they were honoured with Athlete Ally’s award last November in New York.  

While taking the stage, the athletes shared their beliefs and legal challenges they faced. “I want everyone to be comfortable being themselves,” said Miller. “The two transgender student-athletes we’re honoring tonight are literally writing history every day of their lives. They’re doing it in a fearless way, not exactly knowing what the end of the story is going to be,”  as Rick Welts from Golden State Warriors put it. While Andraya and Terry are at the very beginning of their path to equality they both are quite determined to oppose any form of discrimination towards trans athletes. The attacks from their opponents have recently escalated. 

Wild campaign against trans athletes was launched by Alliance Defending Freedom, an anti-LGBTQ organization. It backed the claims from several cis-gender athletes and their parents on the grounds of discrimination. “Unfortunately for Plaintiffs and other girls in Connecticut, those dreams and goals — those opportunities for participation, recruitment, and scholarships — are now being directly and negatively impacted by a new policy that is permitting boys who are male in every biological respect to compete in girls’ athletic competitions if they claim a female gender identity,” reads the lawsuit. Well, first of all it is an obvious misgender that under no circumstances should be tolerated. Moreover, when talking about the possibility of broken careers for cis-gender athletes nobody cares about trans ones, their feelings, emotions and depression that may easily appear due to continious stress. Connecticut conservatives are not alone in their notorious attempt. Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Missouri, New Hampshire, Tennessee, Washington... This is far not a complete list of states where the ban for trans athletes or gender-affirming medication cut offs are being discussed. The question that remains is how the court will decide on Title IX.  People are watching the Connecticut case nationwide.