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Trans patients can be deprived of federal funding for treatment

Trans patients can be deprived of federal funding for treatment


The current US administration is persistent in canceling the protection once provided to trans people during Obama presidency. The most recent ruling of judge O’Connor has allowed insurance providers receiving federal funding to deny treatment for trans patients. An immediate outcome will highly likely to the discrimination against trans patients. Most interestingly, the justification of the ruling is a religious one. That is, the religious freedom of Christian providers will be violated if the patients will be treated. Well, it sounds like ignoring somebody in need is now approved. Isn’t it contradictory?

The decision is, however, not unique for a given federal judge. He has earlier ruled the entire Affordable Care Act being unconstitutional. On what grounds? Well, it simply violates the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Luckily, all these rulings are not final and will likely be appealed. It seems that the issue should again be resolved in the SUpreme Court. As we reported earlier ( there has already been a decision in favor of LGBTQ community although achieved at the close margin. As of now, trans people are deprived of the necessary treatment. It is time for the community and allies to speak out.