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Trans inclusion is now granted in Transylvania

Trans inclusion is now granted in Transylvania


An incredibly shameful case inspired by a group of students to challenge their school policy granting trans inclusion is finally over. A group of anonymous students (such a brave trick to avoid responsibility!) from Boyertown claimed that sharing restrooms with transgenders “constitutes sexual harassment and a violation of personal privacy.” What is more, they required trans students using separate facilities and even demanded transgender-free locker rooms appealing to the Constitution.

Luckily, the case has been repeatedly defeated in all the courts from district to federal with Supreme Court refused to even consider the case. “This major court win is a historic moment for transgender rights in Pennsylvania,” said Jason Goodman from the Pennsylvania Youth Congress commenting the ruling. For transgender students in Pennsylvania feeling relief, the haters of LGBTQ people will not disappear. The community should stay strong and united to oppose any forms of discrimination that may take place in future.