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Voted out: the UK doesn’t want to admit trans and non-binaries votes

Voted out: the UK doesn’t want to admit trans and non-binaries votes


Following not far the best US practice, the UK is about to introduce much stricter voter ID laws. Millions of trans and non-binaries may not vote any. But they are not the only potential victims.

The British LGBTQ community has used to stay alarmed despite all prior legal victories. This time new legislation proposed by PM Boris Johnson and to be announced in Queen’s Speech will dramatically harm trans and non-binary people nationwide. With a so-called voter ID plans at hand, the government will most probably deprive those from their fundamental right. The reason is simple: for many trans and non-binaries they will have to provide photo ID to get a voter ID, but the gender shown in the former may not match their real one. The purpose of the legislators is a fair one (as usual): to reduce the chances of voting fraud.

Now, let us talk numbers. As of 2015, 3.5 million Brits had no access to photo ID that automatically wipes them out from the electoral process. On the other hand, the elections held in 2017 demonstrated only 1(ONE!) case of fraud out of 32 millions. It sounds like 1 vote should definitely be investigated while several millions can be simply disregarded. What is more, the move is absolutely opposite to the PM claims of diversity and inclusion in the UK. In addition to it, it also harms other social groups including Muslim women who are not allowed to show their faces in public. Any voting fraud attempts should for sure be prosecuted but why should loyal citizens suffer?