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Who is Pete Buttigieg?

Who is Pete Buttigieg?


The results of Iowa caucus appeared to be quite unexpected for Democratic nominees.  With Pete Buttigieg winning the presidential candidate who is just 38 clearly demonstrated that the change of generations may be around the corner. But what is so specific about this candidate and why should LGBTQ community be interested in him? Well, Pete is an easy-to-deal person capable of communicating his ideas in a simple way. What else? Well, he is openly gay who came out in 2015 but doesn’t put a lot of stress on this fact. While it may sound little bit strange nowadays when for many states equality for LGBTQ people hasn’t been granted, Mr. Buttigieg clearly represents the future for the community. That is being LGBTQ for him seems to be nothing special but natural and not interfering with everyday life. Such approach has already shown to be very fruitful in Iowa, especially in rural areas with previously predominant anti-LGBTQ sentiments.

However, Iowa has a long record in championing LGBTQ rights. In particular, it was the fourth state where same-sex marriage was legalized 2009, long before it became nationwide in accordance with Supreme Court ruling. At the same time, Pete is quite straightforward regarding the role of LGBTQ people in American history. “LGBTQ+ people aren’t just bystanders in American history—they are drivers of it. They have pushed our country to meet its promise of becoming a more perfect union,” reads his statement. That is a clear acknowledgment of LGBTQ community being an integral part of the American society. And that is still the future of America. The future that can be built with a person experienced in administration as well as familiar with the problems LGBTQ community faces nowadays. Thus he is striving to stop violence against trans women and to launch mentorship program for LGBTQ youths.  While many community members find his program quite slow it also features a clear vision of exact steps to ensure equality. May that be an opportunity for conservatives and LGBTQ community to friendly co-exist?